What to do in Georgioupolis - Lake Kournas

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What to do in Georgioupolis - Lake Kournas

When the time comes to decide for holidays, always the same questions appear. Where to go, How to go, what I must visit, which are the top things I must visit, what other things are near to visit and finally what to do there.

Is it better to rent a car and drive to this place, or is it better to book a trip to go. Which is the cheapest option, which is the best option. You would like to know everything about the place you visit.

Here you will find a brief travel guide and we try to cover all these questions. We cooperate only with local enterprises. With people that live on Crete and knows Crete, its customs, its traditions, its land.

They will be always by your side, before the trip, during the trip and after the trip.

Feel free to contact us and ask for any information about Crete, you would like to have.

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After the introduction, you can start to read the brief travel guide.

How to get to Georgioupoli

Georgioupolis is a large resort well placed approx 35 km east of Chania and 20 west of Rethymnon It is a small coastal town, situated in a lush valley filled with rivers and springs. Locals, apart from tourism, deal with beekeeping and agriculture. The river Almiros crosses the town. Georgioupolis is built on the delta of the river Almiros. In fact, it was called Almiros or Almiroupolis (city of Almiros) up to the beginning of the century when Crete united with Greece and the city took the name of the then king of Greece King George.

One landmark of the village is the road and the square with the numerous eucalyptus and cypress trees. The square is full of restaurants, cafes and tourist shops. At the exit of Almyros, you will meet the picturesque harbour of the area. A second landmark is the small white church located on the rocky islet opposite the town, in the middle of the sea, which is dedicated to Agios Nikolaos - the patron saint of sailors and has become the trademark of Georgioupolis. The church has a lot of visitors, although the causeway that leads to it, has an uneven surface that makes walking quite difficult. The church from far looks like floating on the sea surface.

There are several sandy beaches along the coast at Georgioupoli where swimming is sheltered with a breakwater. It has the longest beach on the island, with over nine kilometres of golden sand.  There is abundant wildlife in the area attracted by the river and surrounding semi-wetland. Loggerhead turtles have been known to lay eggs on some of the local beaches. There are various activities available including boat trips, horse riding, bike tours and even a small tourist train than transports visitors from the seafront to places of interest including Lake Kournas.

Lake Kournas and its surroundings constitute a very important ecosystem for Greece, as the wider area of Apokoronas is one of the very few areas of Crete where plenty of freshwaters is stored throughout the year. 

The name Kournas is believed to come from the Arabic word kourna for "lake" or "bath". In ancient manuscripts, it is mentioned as Korissia, while it is believed that the area hosted a sanctuary dedicated to Korissia Athena.

Lake Kournas just 3 km inland from Georgioupolis is a popular tourist destination as it is one of only a few freshwater lakes on the island. The lake reportedly used to be full of eels but now is better known for its terrapins and tourism. There are shops and tavernas at the entrance to the lake and a couple more on the hillside overlooking it from where you can enjoy magnificent views.  Pedaloes can be hired to explore more of the lake. Despite this influx of tourism, the lake retains its beauty with The White Mountains reflected in the waters. 

Argiroupolis and the Roman City of Lappa, are another must-see, just a few km inland from Georgioupolis. Amongst other things, there is a beautiful Roman mosaic from the 1st Century BC, a 2000-year-old Plane tree and an ancient Necropolis. In the lower wooded village of Argiroupolis, there are beautiful waterfalls and traditional tavernas. You can combine the tour to Georgioupoli with a visit to Kournas-lake, Argiroupolis and Kavros-beach.

Rent a car and drive to Georgioupoli

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