Everything about Koufonisi island

  • Koufonisi island
  • Île de Koufonissi
  • Isola di Koufonisi
  • Остров Куфониси
  • Κουφονήσι
  • Insel Koufonisi
  • A day tour to koufonisi
  • Koufonisi island thumb
  • Île de Koufonissi thumb
  • Isola di Koufonisi thumb
  • Остров Куфониси thumb
  • Κουφονήσι thumb
  • Insel Koufonisi thumb
  • A day tour to koufonisi thumb

Everything about Koufonisi island

When the time comes to decide for holidays, always the same questions appear. Where to go, How to go, what I must visit, which are the top things I must visit, what other things are near to visit and finally what to do there.

Is it better to rent a car and drive to this place, or is it better to book a trip to go. Which is the cheapest option, which is the best option. You would like to know everything about the place you visit.

Here you will find a brief travel guide and we try to cover all these questions. We cooperate only with local enterprises. With people that live on Crete and knows Crete, its customs, its traditions, its land.

They will be always by your side, before the trip, during the trip and after the trip.

Feel free to contact us and ask for any information about Crete, you would like to have.

The cars come with fully comprehensive insurance at 0 risks. They have free pick up and drop off at Heraklion airport, Chania airport, Heraklion port, Souda port and at all the major touristic places. There are no hidden costs and no cancellation charges. Road assistance all over the island in case of breakdown,

Insurance is also included in the price of the bus tours. The busses are air-conditioned, the pickups are from your hotel or at the nearest meeting point. Tourist guides are available in your language.

After the introduction, you can start to read the brief travel guide.

Where is located Koufonisi

Koufonisi island or Leuki, is a tropical island located south of Lassithi prefecture in the Libyan Sea and just 10 nautical miles from Africa. The island is not inhabited today, but it is full of ruins of human activity, dating from the Early Minoan to the post-Byzantine years. Koufonissi is Delos of Crete

Excavations on the island have exposed buildings dating from the Minoan, Hellenistic and Roman times, but there are also caves that were used as a church during the Byzantine times and later during the Turkish domination by Christians. Because so many buildings have been uncovered from ancient times the island is also called "small Delos" (after the island of Delos near Mykonos in the Cyclades). The main building that has been found is a theatre that could house up to 1000 people. Also, a temple, pieces of marble from a colossal statue, a villa with eight rooms and several cottages, probably where the fishermen lived, have been found. Pottery, coins, needles and fishing equipment have been dug up. There are also the remains of a lighthouse that was bombed by the Germans in the Second World War.

How to go to Koufonisi island

The trip to Koufonisi island can be done either by renting a car which is the best way to explore Crete, many interesting villages and settlements, Cretan beaches, monuments, cosmopolitan cities and reveal the magnificent of Crete. Our local car rentals offering affordable and value-added car rental services to all types of travellers. Choose from luxury and economy packages and enjoy fleets of quality cars, all protected by fully-comprehensive insurance policies and equipped with different amenities to help make your trip more comfortable.

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Koufonisi island in general

The small island offers a completely different experience to mountainous Crete. Here the landscape changes to an expanse of limestone (its ancient name, Lekfi, means white) and no fewer than 36 beaches, most with fine white or golden sand. The interior, meanwhile, resembles an African desert, with tamarisk trees and rare or indigenous shrubs and bushes, hiding small lizards and other heat-loving animals.

Boats leave for Koufonissi from Makrigialos every morning. To get there you will take the boat in the morning from Makris Gialos and you will return in the afternoon. You will definitely need trainers, plenty of sunscreens and a hat. There you will find 36 beaches with fine white and golden sand and crystal clear, turquoise waters and many caves. Koufonisi is a Wildlife Refuge and, due to its infinite natural beauty and its preserved ecosystem, has been integrated into the NATURA 2000 European Landscape Conservation Program.

Due to the historical interest and the natural environment of the place any form of pollution, the collection of rocks, fossils, conglomerates, ancient finds and plants, the capture of animals, the fire lit or any action against the protection of the ecosystem and archaeological sites are not allowed.

Because of the preservation of its natural environment, there is no infrastructure on the island and it is not suitable for people with walking disabilities.

During your stay, you can admire the beauty of the white rocks next to the endless blue of the Libyan Sea and enjoy the tranquillity of nature by swimming in its blue waters.

 We hope that this post inspires you to discover the magnificent Koufonisi island.

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