What to do in Pachia ammos beach

  • Παχια αμμος
  • Pacheia ammos beach
  • pachia ammos plage
  • pachia ammos spiaggia
  • pachia ammos strand
  • Пачея Аммос
  • Where is located Pacheia Ammos
  • How can I get to Pacheia Ammos?
  • cretan beaches
  • ktetischer strand
  • plage cretoise
  • spiaggi cretesi
  • Dove si trova Pacheia Ammos
  • Come posso arrivare a Pacheia Ammos?
  • Παχια αμμος thumb
  • Pacheia ammos beach thumb
  • pachia ammos plage thumb
  • pachia ammos spiaggia thumb
  • pachia ammos strand thumb
  • Пачея Аммос thumb
  • Where is located Pacheia Ammos thumb
  • How can I get to Pacheia Ammos? thumb
  • cretan beaches thumb
  • ktetischer strand thumb
  • plage cretoise thumb
  • spiaggi cretesi thumb
  • Dove si trova Pacheia Ammos thumb
  • Come posso arrivare a Pacheia Ammos? thumb

What to do in Pachia ammos beach

When the time comes to decide for holidays, always the same questions appear. Where to go, How to go, what I must visit, which are the top things I must visit, what other things are near to visit and finally what to do there.

Is it better to rent a car and drive to this place, or is it better to book a trip to go. Which is the cheapest option, which is the best option. You would like to know everything about the place you visit.

Here you will find a brief travel guide and we try to cover all these questions. We cooperate only with local enterprises. With people that live on Crete and knows Crete, its customs, its traditions, its land.

They will be always by your side, before the trip, during the trip and after the trip.

Feel free to contact us and ask for any information about Crete, you would like to have.

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Insurance is also included in the price of the bus tours. The busses are air-conditioned, the pickups are from your hotel or at the nearest meeting point. Tourist guides are available in your language.

After the introduction, you can start to read the brief travel guide.



Where is located Pacheia Ammos?

Pachia Ammos Beach is a village in the municipality of Ierapetra on the island of Crete in Greece. It is located on the north coast of the island, at the fork in the road that leads to Heraklion in the west and Sitia in the east. The beach Pachia Ammos, located 20 km east of Agios Nikolaos, in front of the village Pachia Ammos in Crete. Only 17 km separate the small town of Pachia Ammos on the north coast from Ierapetra in the south, marking the narrowest point of the island of Crete.

Pachia Ammos was once a key harbour, the gateway to the inland route for goods travelling via Crete from Europe to North Africa, avoiding the treacherous seas on the east coast. The name Pachia Ammos refers to the dense sands of its pebbly beach, which is the main attraction for visitors today.

How can I get to Pacheia Ammos?

The trip to Pachia Ammos beach can be done either by renting a car which is the best way to explore Crete many interesting villages and settlements, Cretan beaches, monuments, cosmopolitan cities and reveal the magnificent of Crete. 

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Pacheia Ammos in general

It is a beach with thick sand and pebbles, which is exposed to winds. The western part of the beach, however, is protected by the breakwater of the harbour that is there, when the sea is calm and clear. The beach at this point is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds.  Those passing through on their way from Heraklion to Ierapetra, Crete’s southernmost city, can break up the journey and enjoy a few of the area’s highlights.

Have you visited yet? We hope that this post inspires you to discover the magnificent Pacheia Ammos of Crete.


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