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Everything about Matala - Phaistos

How to go to Matala? Matala is about 66 kilometres from Heraklion airport (HER) and is taking a 1-hour drive. Is taking approximately 2 hours 20 min drive from Chania international airport (SKQ) and 140 km. Matala is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Crete and certainly the most famous beach of south Heraklion prefecture. It is located close to Phaestus, the second largest palace of the Minoan civilization. Matala served as a port of Phaestus, first, and on the Roman Times, it became...

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What to do in Lasithi plateau - Diktaion Andron - Psychro Cave

When the time comes to decide for holidays, always the same questions appear. Where to go, How to go, what I must visit, which are the top things I must visit, what other things are near to visit. Is it better to rent a car and drive to this place, or is it better to book a trip to go. Which is the cheapest option, which is the best option. You would like to know everything about the place you visit. Here you will find a brief travel guide and we try to cover all these questions. We cooperate only...

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Neraidospilios cave - Astrakiano Gorge

In the gorge of Astrakia, north of the bridge of Astraki, is the cave Neraidospilios. According to archaeologist Paul Foret, it was the sanctuary of Athena Tertiary. This adjective is related to the ancient Greek name of the river Karteros, meaning Triton, who was born in the sanctuary of the goddess. In the cave is one of the springs of the aqueduct of Astrakia, which supplied part of the water that was necessary for the city of Heraklion at the beginning of the 20th century. The Astrakian...