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How to go to Balos-Gramvousa? Gramvousa also Grampousa refers to two small uninhabited islands off the coast of a peninsula also known Gramvousa Peninsula in north-western Crete in the regional unit of Chania. The Pirates' Islet. The last territory the Venetians left to the Ottomans. A beautiful beach and shallow sea area which sparkles and glows when the sun shines. Gramvousa and Balos are Wildlife Refuges and habitats of stunning natural beauty, included in the European initiative ΝΑΤURΑ 2000....

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Chrissi island - Ierapetra

How to go to Chrissi island? Ierapetra is about 93 kilometres from Heraklion airport and 1 hour and 20 min. Ierapetra is taking approximately 3 hours 20 min drive from Chania international airport (HER). Daily departs from Ierapetra boats to Chrissi island. The boat trip is taking about one hour. You can combine it with a short stop at the southernmost city of Europe, Ierapetra. The town of Ierapetra is your embarkation point for Chrissi Island, and a well-loved holiday destination itself, with...

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Spinalonga Island

How to go to Spinalonga? Spinalonga island is just taking approximately 50 min drive from Heraklion international airport (HER) and 2 hours 50 min from Chania Airport (CHQ) International Airport. You can collect the car directly at Chania airport or at Heraklion airport ( HER) so you can get on the road at once. Alternatively, if you are arriving by boat, a car rental in Souda Port or Heraklion Port can be brought to you when you disembark. Also, you can collect the car directly outside of your...