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  • φαραγγι Αστρακιανο-Νεραιδοσπηλιος thumb
  • пещера нераидоспилиос
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Neraidospilios cave - Astrakiano Gorge

Neraidospilios is located, next to the desert village of Kato Astrakon, shortly after Myrtia, the place of origin of Nikos Kazantzakis. Visit the caves and gorges...

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  • Плато-Ласити, Диктайон-Андрон, Психро-Пещера thumb
  • Altopiano-di-Lasithi thumb
  • Plateau-de-Lasithi -Diktaion-Andron, Psychro-grotte thumb
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  • sfendyli-sunk-village-lassithi-plateau thumb
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Lasithi Plateau: A Cretan Tapestry of Tranquility and Tradition

Exploring Lasithi Plateau: Where Time Stands Still in Crete's Highland Haven

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Matala: The Coastal Charms of Southern Crete

Discover Matala's allure – from its ancient caves to sun-kissed beaches.