Agiofaraggo gorge

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Agiofarago🚙An Adventurous Land Rover Tour

In the heart of Crete lies a rugged landscape waiting to be explored, where ancient history meets untamed wilderness. Embark on a thrilling Land Rover tour to Agiofarago and discover the hidden treasures of this remote and enchanting destination.

Agiofarago, meaning "Gorge of the Saints," is a secluded canyon located on the southern coast of Crete, accessible only by rugged off-road vehicles or on foot. As we embark on our Land Rover tour, we leave behind the beaten path and venture into the wild, immersing ourselves in the natural beauty and rich history of this extraordinary landscape.

Our journey begins in the early morning as we set out from our starting point, the bustling city of Heraklion. As we leave the urban sprawl behind and enter the rugged countryside, our excitement builds, knowing that adventure awaits just beyond the horizon.

The Land Rover rumbles along dusty trails and rocky terrain, navigating twists and turns with ease as we make our way towards our destination. Along the way, our knowledgeable guide shares insights into the history, geology, and flora and fauna of the region, enriching our experience with fascinating tidbits of information.

As we approach Agiofarago, the landscape begins to change, giving way to sheer cliffs, towering rock formations, and lush vegetation. The air is filled with the scent of wild herbs and the sound of birdsong, creating a sense of tranquillity that envelops us as we delve deeper into the canyon.

Finally, we arrive at our destination, greeted by the sight of Agiofarago's breathtaking beauty. The canyon stretches out before us, its walls rising majestically from the earth, carved by the passage of time and the erosive forces of nature. At the bottom of the gorge, a pristine beach awaits, fringed by turquoise waters and golden sands, inviting us to relax and unwind in this secluded paradise.

But Agiofarago is more than just a natural wonder; it's also steeped in history and mythology. According to legend, this remote canyon was once a place of refuge for hermit monks and holy men, who sought solace and spiritual enlightenment in its peaceful surroundings. As we explore the ancient caves and ruins scattered throughout the gorge, we can't help but feel a sense of reverence for the generations who came before us, leaving their mark on this sacred land.

As the day draws to a close and the sun begins to sink below the horizon, we reluctantly bid farewell to Agiofarago and begin our journey back to civilization. But as we reflect on our adventure, we carry with us memories of breathtaking landscapes, fascinating history, and the thrill of exploration. And we know that wherever our travels may take us next, the spirit of adventure will always be alive in our hearts, inspiring us to seek out new horizons and discover the wonders of the world around us.

Trip plan

🚏Stop at the Village of Agios Thomas - In this village are  Byzantine churches, ruins of a Byzantine aqueduct, Roman era tombs.

🚙Crossing the Messara Valley.

🚏Stop at the Monastery of Odigitrias - One of the most popular monasteries in Crete, dating back to the 14th century.

🚏Stop at the start of Agiofarago Gorge - crossing on foot.

🚏Stop at Hidden beach of Agiofarago.

🚏Stop at Sivas Village - Stop for Cretan lunch.

🚏Stop at Matala village - hippie's village


What is included in the price

✅Transfer from hotel

✅ Land Rover & Fuels

✅Professional and Informative Drivers

✅Traditional Cretan Lunch


What is not included in the price

❎The entrance to the hippie's caves

❎individual expenses

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