Richtra waterfalls and gorge

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Richtra waterfall
Richtra Gorge and waterfall
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Richtra waterfalls 🚙land rover escape ⛰️

Starting from the hotel, our journey leads us to the traditional village of Viannos, where we delve into the architectural marvels of ancient Crete and immerse ourselves in the authentic way of life of its residents. Here, we'll explore the unique beauty museum of Viannos and savour coffee under the shade of a centuries-old plane tree.

Next, we embark on a scenic off-road ascent to Kavoussi, ascending to an altitude of 850 meters. The panoramic vista unfolds before us, revealing the breathtaking Kavousi Canyon and offering a rare opportunity to observe and photograph Crete's majestic vultures up close. As we descend, we encounter a singular spectacle: the convergence of two canyons, culminating in the magnificent Richtis waterfall, where we pause to admire its powerful flow, particularly pronounced in May and gradually tapering off through October.

Our journey continues to Skouros Beach, where crystalline turquoise waters beckon us for a refreshing swim lasting approximately 45 minutes. Following our aquatic interlude, we indulge in a sumptuous lunch at a charming tavern, complete with a hearty meal accompanied by unlimited wine and water. Brimming with captivating memories and adorned with countless photographs from our picturesque route, we conclude our day's adventures and return to the hotel, having experienced an extraordinary array of Crete's natural wonders in just one unforgettable day.

Trip plan

🚏Stop at the village of Viannos

🚙Crossing the the Kavousi gorge

🚏Stop at Richtra waterfalls

🚏Stop at Skouros beach 

What is included in the price

✅Transfer from hotel

✅Land Rover & Fuels

✅Professional and Informative Drivers

✅Traditional Cretan Lunch


What is not included in the price

❎The entrance to the hippie's caves

❎individual expenses

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